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Jeremy's Page
Hi!! My name is Jeremy. I am 7 years old.

I missed being born on Fathers Day by 5 hrs and 20 minutes. Oh well Daddy, Happy Belated Fathers Day (giggle). I am the first baby that ever came out of my Mommy's tummy. She says that I am her oldest and # 1 baby, but I know that she loves all of us the same. So does my Daddy. I have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. My next brother that is right below me is in Heaven. God decided he needed him back in Heaven while he was in my Mommy's tummy almost ready to come out. I really miss him. I use to want to go to Heaven to see him but Mommy said she needs me down here so I think I will stay. Everytime we go to see Baby David at the cemetary, I put little pebbles on his head stone. My brother and sister copy me and do the same thing but I don't mind. I still call him Baby David... but he is 5 now and not a baby but to me, he always will be. We have a special page for him. My youngest brother and my sister are twins. Their names are Wesley and Paige. They also have their own page.

I have one pet.. a gold fish name Goldie. I really want a puppy but my little brother is terrified of them. Mommy and Daddy are working on him to help him like puppies so I can get one some day. And I hope that day comes soon.

I am in the second grade. I love school and I am doing very well in my class. I have the most wonderful teacher in the world. I received two special awards at school which is great when I was in 1st grade. I don't know if I mentioned, that I have a learning disability. I also made A/B honor roll twice last year. I could only have 2 B's and the rest had to be A's. I also earned an academic achievement award. This year I am at a new school and I hope to do just as well there if not better.
Now a little bit about my disability. I have severe ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disability). I was diagnosed at the age of 3. I started school when I was 3 too because I was at a risk of failing kindergarten if I didnt get the help. I attended Early Childhood. I went to school half a day like the big kids do. It really helped me catch up. In fact, I even got a head start for kindergarten. In kindergarten, I earned an academic achievement award for being able to count to 100 and knowing the sounds that each letter of the alphabet made. It took me a while to do it ... but I got it done.

I got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas and Daddy and I have a blast playing it. I got a Star Wars game to play on it. Daddy helps me by getting me to higher levels. Sometimes I think he has more fun at it then I do. :) Star Wars is my all time favorite movie. I also got Yoshis Story for my birthday. I hope to add a few more games to my collection soon. Mom and Dad say I have to do my chores and continue to do well in school. No sweat. That is going to be easy. I also like Jungle Book. I have both the animated version as well as the human one. They are a bit different from one another but still both fun to watch There will be more about me as I get older and more things happen this year. Have a great day!