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Paige & Wesley's Page

Welcome to our page. We are Paige and Wesley. We were born on March 18, 1994. That means we are now 5 years old. We surprised Mommy... she planned on having one baby and one of us snuck in and surprised her. We wont say which one...hehe. Mama had a rough time when we were in her tummy. She had to stay in the hospital for almost a whole month before we were born. We were too anxious to come out. But she says it was worth it. We just finished Pre-K and are getting ready to start Kindergarten in August. We will FINALLY have seperate teachers which we are both excited and nervous about. But, our classrooms are right next door to each other so that shouldn't be to bad. We will run into each other often I'm sure. Plus, Jeremy is till there and he is such a wonderful big brother to the two of us. Now a little bit about each of us.... and since Paige is a girl... she gets to go first... she is older too... hehehe.

Hi.. I am Paige Elizabeth. I have reddish brown hair and blue eyes. Everyone says I am alike lot my Mommy. I am not sure if that is good or bad. I am the older of the two of us and I was born at 7:43 p.m. I dont take slack from anyone.
Especially since I am the only girl... I gotta be tough and make sure those boys dont rough me up. I enjoy playing with my barbies and babydolls.
My favorite movie is Little Mermaid. My all time favorite show is The Comfy Couch and my Molly doll is my best friend... she goes with me everywhere I can take her. I am now into barbie dolls alot. I have over 25 of them and try to add to them whenever Mommy or Daddy will spring for another one.

Hi! My I am Wesley Mayes. I get my middle name from my Mommy. Ok.. now finally it is my turn. Ok, I was born at 7:44 p.m. That means that Sister is a whole minute older then me, big deal. I am always last for some reason and somehow it seems unfair to me. I was born last and now I have to take my turn last. Hmmm. Mommy and Daddy thinks I am the one who snuck in.
They also thought for sure that I would be a carrot know.. have red hair but once again I fooled them. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am the only blonde out of us three kids and I look alot like my Granny and I think that makes her really proud. I dont mind because she is the prettiest Granny in the world. Grandpop is the one with the red hair and I think he was hoping I would have red hair too. Sorry Grandpop. I love playing with my older brother and my twin sister.
My favorite movie in the whole world is Toy Story. I use to drive everyone crazy when I would want to watch it all the time and I carried my Woody and Buzz with me everywhere. I also enjoy playing with star wars and batman toys. My big brother is really nice, he lets me play with his toys too. He is the coolest big brother I know. I am getting really good at playing video games with my brother and also by myself. I got a Sega Genesis game for my birthday and got some kewl games with it. Plus we have a Nintendo 64 and I love the race car games. Also, we just got a brand new game system. Ok, actually, Jeremy got the game system of his birthday. But, because he is such loving brother. I am sure he will share with his sweet cute little brother very wel. No really, Jeremy protects me and we play really well.